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Power Tuner App

Connect with your dirt bike like never before with the world’s first engine-tuning smartphone app:  Yamaha Power Tuner app!

Riders and mechanics can simply download the free Power Tuner App for IOS or Android devices and then instantly connect with their YZ450F or YZ250F through the Communication Control Unit (CCU).  Directly from your device's touch screen, you can start to fine-tune your bike settings to achieve optimum performance.

Starting from either our recommended factory settings or ‘from scratch’, you can adjust the bike’s fuel injection and ignition timing according to your preference, track layout, riding conditions and also when you are using GYTR Performance Products.

If your bike features the convenient handlebar mounted map switch, you can save two of these maps to your bike’s ECU switch – and you can instantly change between 2 mappings while riding.  This means you can change from for instance an aggressive mapping for fast dry sections to a more smooth and controllable mapping for muddy or technical situations – giving you the ultimate control.

Besides the tuning function, the Power Tuner app has a number of other practical features, such as race log recording, live bike monitoring, running time and maintenance logging, diagnosis, and more.  Furthermore, the sharing function allows you to compare and share your settings and race logs with other fellow riders!

For full usage information on the Power Tuner app – for downloading, phone settings for data sharing and mappings usage – please check out the instructions video here: 

Learn how to use the Yamaha Power Tuner smartphone app.

Exclusively for you, Yamaha has created a variety of downloadable mappings for different track conditions.  These can be downloaded here below on this page, for uploading into your phone.

Instructions for installation of mappings:

  1. Download and install the Yamaha Power Tuner app from your app store  
  2. Click/tap on the desired mapping setting link from the list below and download 
  3. You will receive a message that the data was shared with your app 
  4. Exit the app
  5. Start up the app again
  6. Return to the “Mappings” tab in your app – this is where the downloaded mappings will be 
  7. Select the mapping that you want to start using

Note:  The Power Tuner app must be able to share content in order to use downloaded Power Tuner mappings. Use your phone settings to give permission to the app to share data.


Power Tuner App