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Welcome to the 2019 NIKEN Tour

After years of planning, research and top secret development, in 2017 Yamaha launched the NIKEN - a truly revolutionary machine. With the 2018 launch of NIKEN GT in the market, the options expand even more. The NIKEN Demo Tour is a unique chance try out the latest technological breakthrough from Yamaha.

Back in 2013, Yamaha unveiled their Leaning Multi Wheel (LMW) technology at the Tokyo Bike Show and the world took notice. Now it is time for the NIKEN and the NIKEN GT to find their way into your hands! The NIKEN Tour is visiting seven countries throughout Europe and finding the windiest roads and tightest turns to demonstrate what this LMW technology is capable of. Book your place now! For a full list of locations and dates and to book your place on the tour click through to the “Calendar Page”. Be sure to follow along with the tour on social media using #nikentour.


Discover the available NIKEN models

Before going to an NIKEN Tour event to try one of our NIKEN models, check out all the available NIKEN models!

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The NIKEN Tour is working its way around Europe, finding the windiest roads and tightest turns to show off just what this bike is capable of. Featuring Yamaha’s cutting edge Leaning Multi Wheel technology, this is a bike that rides like no other. Book your place on the tour today!

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Our NIKEN partners for 2019

We are happy to announce that we’ve welcomed two partners that will contribute in making the NIKEN and NIKEN GT Tour a true riding revolution. 

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