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The Project

As part of the launch the all-new 2019 Ténéré 700, a unique and remarkable adventure takes place: the re-tracing of the legendary 1998 Paris-Dakar race route with Nick Sanders. This journey goes along some of the most memorable destinations along the route, celebrating the competition that inspired generations of adventurers to discover new parts of the world and test themselves and their bikes on some of the world’s harshest terrains.


The Route

Nick’s journey follows, as close as possible, the 1998 Paris-Dakar route. It begins at the MBK factory in France where the Ténéré 700 is produced, and takes him all the way in Africa and through the history of the race that inspired the creation of the original Ténéré XT600Z in 1983. This retracing takes in some of the most challenging and memorable heritage spots of the 10,000 km Paris-Dakar route, and sees Nick visiting countries such as Morocco and Mauritania on the way to the revered finish line at the Senegalese capital Dakar. 

The Rider

Nick Sanders

Undertaking this intense expedition is Nick Sanders, a British rider who is nothing less than a legend in long distance adventure riding. Renowned for achievements such as circumnavigating the world seven times and setting the quickest time on two wheels from Alaska to South America and back, he is the epitome of the modern adventure rider. He has been across the world on every terrain imaginable and time after time has set new records and standards that continue to demonstrate what is possible for ambitious explorers and their adventure bikes. 

The Bike

The journey through time, and through the tradition and heritage that Yamaha is known for, is completed on a brand-new 2019 Ténéré 700, the latest generation of Yamaha’s revered top of the line adventure bike. The dual-purpose capability of the bike is unmatched, with its ability to ride comfortably on tarmac and transition effortlessly to off-road setting a new level of excellence in motorbike engineering.

Nick’s motorcycle is not modified or tuned in any way (except for the use of certain Yamaha Genuine Accessories) for the purpose of the journey, in order to confirm the unique and factory-granted capabilities of the Ténéré 700. 

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