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Next Horizon: The World

Next Horizon:

The World

The Project

Next Horizon: The World sees Nick Sanders take on his tenth circumnavigation of the world, a remarkable achievement for the veteran British adventurer. Setting out from the UK, the expedition takes Nick across the globe, delivering a diverse journey through the most incredible environments, sights and cultures on the Ténéré 700. Discover hidden places and unique encounters, survival moments and unexpected circumstances together with us!


The Route

Departing from Buckingham Palace in London, Nick’s first stage of the route takes him across the Atlantic to North America. After riding east to west coasts, he travels through Mexico and down the full length of South America before crossing the Pacific to reach Australia. Every adventure has a twist and the COVID-19 pandemic puts the journey on hold. While waiting for safe passage, however, this bold rider has no intentions of stopping his journey! At the restart of his expedition he plans to depart from where he left off - Australia - crossing the country and the Coral Sea to Papa New Guinea, and from there into Asia and back to the Old Continent and home in the UK.

The Rider

A highly respected and renowned name in the long-distance adventure riding community, Nick Sanders MBE is the embodiment of the modern adventure rider. Famed for his achievements with Yamahas including his 2005 circumnavigation on an R1, and his 2011 Alaska-South America-Alaska ride on a XT1200Z Super Ténéré, Nick has conquered some of the world’s most challenging terrain with motorcycles. In what is planned to be his tenth and final around the world trip, Nick has raised the bar once again for what can be achieved by intrepid explorers riding the best machinery.

The Bike

The latest generation of Yamaha’s iconic adventure flagship, the dual-purpose Ténéré 700 is Nick’s machine of choice for his epic journey. Packed with cutting edge technology that allows the rider to enjoy smooth tarmac riding and transition to off-road effortlessly, the bike is the ideal companion for a cross-continent journey of this scale.

Next Horizon