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Front Axle Protection Kit

  • 2cr-ffaxp-00-00
UAH 3 610,00


Not compatible with your Yamaha

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Сведения о продукте
Race-inspired kit containing high-quality finished, components to protect the front axle ends in case your Yamaha is accidentally dropped.
  • Additionally, it gives your Yamaha an extra race look; especially when combined with the optional Rear Axle Protection Kit
  • High quality matt black finish with subtle colour accents
  • Determine the colour accent yourself as blue and bronze-coloured plates are included in the kit
  • Protection plug in counter end of the axle
  • Отвечает национальным и международным техническим требованиям, предъявляемым к гоночным транспортным средствам
  • By Gilles.Tooling