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NMAX Urban pack

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Сведения о продукте
With its compact dimensions and the excellent fuel efficiency the NMAX thrives in the hustle and bustle of the urban environment. To ensure space and comfort, the Urban pack offers the best experience for riding in those built-up areas. The high screen provides robust protection against wind, while it remains resistant to scratches and impact damage thanks to its hard-coated polycarbonate design. The 39L top case offers all the extra space you need and rests on a beautiful piece of alloy rear carrier, with its integrated design and rigorous testing guaranteeing year-after-year security and peace of mind while riding. The lockset for the top case comes included in the pack, while the back rest provides the rear passenger with optimum comfort. The Urban pack will make the NMAX your best friend in the city. Available now from your Yamaha dealer who will be happy to fit these high quality Genuine Accessories to your NMAX.
  • 39L Top Case: for increased luggage capacity, with an integrated passenger back rest
  • Подушка спинки: входит в комплект верхнего кофра для максимального комфорта
  • Rear Carrier: strong but lightweight to support the top case
  • Высокое ветровое стекло: устойчиво к царапинам и спроектировано так, чтобы выдерживать сильные ветры, обеспечивая лучшую защиту для водителя
  • Замок: дополнительная защита верхнего кофра, чтобы предотвратить потерю предметов