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LED Flashers Plus Rear

  • yme-flb2r-10-00
UAH 4 656,00
Сведения о продукте
Styleful rear flashers with unique integrated position light.
  • Include integrated brake lights as well
  • Unique design by GK Design specially for Yamaha
  • Include flashers speed regulating resistor
  • High quality materials and finish
  • Include quick mounting connectors
  • Include black and silver plates to finish the styling of your Yamaha to your liking
  • More safety on the road thanks to position light
  • Продается в комплекте из 2 шт.
  • Can be combined with the optional LED Flashers Plus Front
  • Fully E-homologated
This is the Yamaha Copyright Disclaimer text
It is not allowed to use the extra functionality, position light and brake light, in combination with the existing position light and brake light. Please consult your local Yamaha dealer.