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Play Fast.

The YZ250F-type cylinder head features a wide intake port and high-performance exhaust camshaft that give rapid mid to top-end performance – while retaining the WR250F’s strong low rpm torque – and a lightweight aluminium beam frame developed from Yamaha’s motocross bike has been enduro-tuned to give the right balance of rigidity for precise feel and accurate surface feedback over tough terrain.

A light and powerful front braking system gives you ultimate controllability – and enduro features include a multi-function meter and a specially-developed exhaust and muffler design. The light-feeling clutch and 6-speed wide-ratio transmission are ready for the most extreme challenge – and with the Power Tuner smartphone app and a 2-mode engine map switch, the intelligent WR250F can be set up to handle virtually any riding conditions.


  • Powerful YZ250F-type engine
  • YZ250F-style aluminium beam frame
  • Smartphone engine tuning via Yamaha Power Tuner App
  • High performance YZ250F-type front brake
  • Лучшая в отрасли подвеска
  • Compact multi-function display
  • Light and durable clutch
  • 6-ступенчатая коробка передач с широким передаточным числом
  • Переключатель на руле для легкой и быстрой смены топливных карт
  • Large 7,9 L fuel tank
  • Mass centralized design for agile handling
  • Dynamic Icon Blue colour
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The WR250F is built to shake up the world of enduro and change the way that you look at the 250cc 4-stroke class. Featuring the very latest motocross technology from Yamaha’s Grand Prix-winning YZ250F – and equipped with a range of enduro-specific features – it’s one of the most exciting bikes of the decade.

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    UAH 396 900,00

    Полный прейскурант

    WR250F Icon Blue

    UAH 396 900,00

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