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Основные особенности

Особенности Галерея
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    Compact, light and powerful 450cc engine

    The WR450F is equipped with Yamaha’s most sophisticated off-road competition engine from the 2022 YZ450F motocross model. Delivering outstanding levels of power at all engine speeds, this lightweight and compact powerplant runs with an enduro-specific ECU for a wide spread of winning performance.

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    High efficiency cylinder head and lightweight piston

    Equipped with lightweight magnesium covers, the WR450F’s cylinder head gives excellent combustion efficiency – and its front facing inlet contributes towards the bike’s idealized mass centralization. The lightweight piston gives instantaneous throttle response at all revs – and the intake and exhaust camshafts are positioned to minimize the dimensions of this compact high-tech engine.

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    Lightweight aluminium beam frame

    The WR450F is equipped with 2022 YZ450F-type aluminium bilateral beam frame that has been retuned for enduro. Manufactured with thin main spars and thick bottom tubes – as well as specially developed engine plates – this enduro-specific frame gives accurate feedback over bumps together with a strong feeling of connectivity with the track surface.

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    Industry-leading suspension

    The industry-leading speed sensitive front forks are the same design as used on the 2022 YZ450F and feature special enduro-specific settings and full adjustability – enabling you to fully exploit the high levels of engine performance. The lightweight link-type rear end also uses special enduro settings to give excellent traction with outstanding bump absorption.

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    Yamaha Power Tuner for easy smartphone tuning

    The WR450F pioneered the use of advanced digital technology by being the first enduro bike to enable remote wireless engine tuning. Simply download the free Power Tuner app to your smartphone and you can upload two engine mappings that enable you to make instant changes to the fuel/air mix and ignition timing to suit the track conditions and weather – without even opening your toolbox!

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    Handlebar-mounted adjustable mapping switch

    Whether you’re racing or having fun on the trail, surface conditions and weather can change at any time. Pre-loaded with an aggressive map as well as a high traction map, the handlebar-mounted adjustable mapping switch means that you can instantly select a different engine running mode while on the move.

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    Strong stopping power

    Featuring a compact caliper with large diameter pistons – as well as special high friction pads giving a large contact area with the rotor – the WR450F’s powerful 270mm front disc brake enables you to save valuable time in tight sections and gives you a high degree of controllability.

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    Compact multi-function display

    The compact multi-function display gives you all the information you need on the track or trail. The high-contrast LCD display includes an odometer, two tripmeters, clock and timer/stopwatch and low fuel warning light – and the fuel consumption indicator allows you to accurately plan your fuel stops.

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    High-efficiency angled radiators

    The WR450F is equipped with large-capacity angled radiators that are designed to face the incoming air more directly for more effective cooling. And with a thermostatically controlled fan fitted as standard, the high-performance 450cc engine is designed to keep its cool in the most extreme conditions.

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    Tough wide ratio 5-speed transmission

    Enduro is tough on the rider and the bike – and so the WR450F runs with a specially designed 5-speed wide ratio transmission. Featuring gears with a larger surface area that spread the load – together with a WR-specific shift drum and selector – this durable transmission and heavy-duty clutch are built to deliver slick gear shifting all day long.

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    Dynamic Icon Blue colour

    In the off-road world, blue means Yamaha – and every bike in the enduro and motocross range is finished in a dynamic Icon Blue colour. Featuring in-mould graphics that resist wear and tear – and equipped with blue front and side plates – the WR450F comes with the full-factory look as standard!

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    Compact electric starter

    The WR450F’s compact electric starter ensures quick and easy starting on hills and in tight situations – as well as improving your chances of getting the holeshot at cross country races with a dead engine start.

  • Двигатель
    Тип двигателя
    4-valves, 4-stroke, Liquid-cooled, DOHC, Single cylinder
    Рабочий объем
    Диаметр цилиндра х ход поршня
    97,0 x 60,8 mm
    Степень сжатия
    13,0 : 1
    Система смазки
    Wet sump
    Тип сцепления
    Wet, Multiple Disc
    Система зажигания
    Система запуска
    5-speed, Constant Mesh
    Главная передача
    Система подачи топлива
    Fuel Injection
  • Шасси
    Aluminium Bilateral Beam
    116 mm
    Система передней подвески
    KYB® fork, fully adjustable inverted twin chamber with speed sensitive travel
    Система задней подвески
    (Link type suspension), Swingarm
    Ход передней подвески
    310 mm
    Ход задней подвески
    317 mm
    Передний тормоз
    Hydraulic single disc, Ø270 mm
    Задний тормоз
    Hydraulic single disc, Ø245 mm
    Передняя шина
    90/90-21 54R Tube type
    Задняя шина
    140/80-18 70R Tube type
  • Габариты
    Общая длина
    2.175 mm
    Общая ширина
    825 mm
    Общая высота
    1.270 mm
    Высота сиденья
    955 mm
    Колесная база
    1.480 mm
    Минимальный дорожный просвет
    320 mm
    Снаряженная масса (включая полную заправку маслом и топливом)
    119 kg
    Емкость топливного бака
    7,9 L
    Объем масляного бака
    0,9 L
The 2023 WR450F and WR250F will be only be available in race specification, for usage on closed circuits, private areas and specific events where participation with non-registered vehicles is allowed. Always wear a helmet, eye protection and protective clothing. Yamaha encourages you to ride safely and respect fellow riders and the environment. Images displayed may depict a professional rider performing under controlled conditions or on closed circuit. The unit displayed on the images may be equipped with genuine Yamaha accessories and/or non-Yamaha branded accessories which may be for closed-circuit use only. All information is given for general guidance. Specifications and appearance of Yamaha products, Yamaha accessories and non-Yamaha branded accessories are subject to change without prior notice. Non Yamaha branded accessories are fully developed and produced by respected third parties. Yamaha does not guarantee the availability of the displayed products and accessories in local markets. The product and accessories range may be limited in some countries. Yamaha has the right to discontinue products and accessories without prior notice. Where applicable, prices of Yamaha products and accessories may vary according to local requirements and conditions. No rights can be obtained from this information. For further details and availability, please contact your local Yamaha dealer.