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Основные особенности

Особенности Галерея
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    Increased power and better usability

    The all-new 125cc 2-stroke engine is the most powerful unit ever used on the YZ125, and it develops a higher performance in the mid to high rpm range and offers improved usability. This has been achieved by developing an all new cylinder head, piston and cylinder, con rod, crank, YPVS as well as redesigning other major components.

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    Athletic new ultra-slim bodywork

    The bodywork is the slimmest ever, with the area between the rider’s knees 36mm narrower than on the previous model, and the athletic and modern body design underlines the YZ125’s lightness and compactness. The reduced dimensions improve overall rider mobility and reinforce the feeling of agility.

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    Keihin Powerjet carburettor

    The YZ125 is equipped with a Keihin PWK 38.1mm carburettor featuring a solenoid controlled Powerjet that instantly delivers its fuel/air mix for even more explosive performance, giving a real advantage out of the gate and when accelerating hard out of corners. And the new TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) and 3D map controlled CDI ensure optimized ignition timing, while the new V-Force reed valve assembly provides optimum intake efficiency at all engine speeds.

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    Smooth shifting 6-speed transmission

    The transmission has been redesigned and features a new set of internals to handle the YZ125’s dramatically increased maximum power output, and a redesigned shift mechanism gives a smoother shift feeling. The secondary reduction ratio is slightly increased with the use of a 13/49 front/rear sprocket set, and for better driveability the transmission runs with slightly reduced 5th and 6th gear ratios.

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    High-efficiency air intake

    Following extensive testing Yamaha’s engineers have developed a new intake system. The whole area around the airbox has been redesigned including the seat base, rear frame and sidepanels in order to reduce air resistance, making a significant contribution towards increased intake efficiency.

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    Race-developed ergonomics

    Engine performance is just one element of being competitive – the ability to handle the power effectively and take total control of the chassis is also vital. A new much flatter seat with a lower front and higher rear, together with the new slimmer tank and narrower radiator shrouds, make it much easier to shift your weight around the bike when braking, accelerating and cornering.

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    Best-in-class KYB suspension

    Yamaha’s SSS (Speed Sensitive System) KYB front forks are widely regarded as being amongst the best designs available on a production motocross bike, and the new model features revised low speed damping settings on both the front and rear suspension systems for better handling characteristics.

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    Powerful braking system

    Brakes on the YZ125 have been redeveloped to handle the extra performance. Front disc diameter remains the same at 270mm, but a new more rigid twin-pot caliper is equipped with larger 25.4mm pistons and new pads that increase the contact area by 30% for more powerful braking. Rear disc diameter is reduced by 5mm to 240mm while the pad area remains the same, giving a weight saving of 90gr.

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    New rear frame

    Complimenting the performant aluminium semi-double cradle frame, the YZ125’s new rear frame is designed to enhance air flow into the carburettor, and a new style cross member facilitates the use of a new single bolt fixing for the seat for quicker and easier maintenance. The new rear frame also accommodates a new mounting point for the 50mm shorter silencer.

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    New generation colour and graphics

    The YZ125’s new duo-tone colour scheme features a contrasting Icon Blue and dark blue design with blue wheels, giving the bike a dynamic new look – that perfectly complements the all-new in-mould graphics and slimline, athletic bodywork.

  • Двигатель
    Тип двигателя
    Liquid-cooled, 2-stroke, Forward-inclined single cylinder, Reed valve with YPVS
    Рабочий объем
    Диаметр цилиндра х ход поршня
    54,0 mm x 54,5 mm
    Степень сжатия
    8,2-10,1 : 1
    Система смазки
    Тип сцепления
    Wet, Multiple Disc
    Система зажигания
    Система запуска
    Constant Mesh, 6-speed
    Главная передача
    Система подачи топлива
    Keihin PWK38S/1
  • Шасси
    Semi double cradle
    109 mm
    Система передней подвески
    Upside-down telescopic fork
    Система задней подвески
    Swingarm, link suspension
    Ход передней подвески
    300 mm
    Ход задней подвески
    315 mm
    Передний тормоз
    Hydraulic single disc, Ø270 mm
    Задний тормоз
    Hydraulic single disc, Ø240 mm
    Передняя шина
    80/100-21 51M
    Задняя шина
    100/90-19 57M
  • Габариты
    Общая длина
    2.135 mm
    Общая ширина
    825 mm
    Общая высота
    1.295 mm
    Высота сиденья
    975 mm
    Колесная база
    1.440 mm
    Минимальный дорожный просвет
    365 mm
    Снаряженная масса (включая полную заправку маслом и топливом)
    95 kg
    Емкость топливного бака
    7,0 L
    Объем масляного бака
    0,7 L