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Основные особенности

Особенности Галерея
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    Smooth and easy to use power

    The punchy 65cc liquid cooled engine is one of the most advanced in its class, and features a race-developed crankcase reed valve induction system for instant throttle response. A key feature is the race-developed YPVS (Yamaha Power Valve System) that gives smooth torque and power characteristics, making the YZ65 an ideal bike for young racers.

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    Light and stable handling

    The YZ65 is equipped with a semi-double cradle steel frame that features an aluminium subframe, giving light and stable handling and easy agility. To soak up the harshest bumps this class-leading motocross bike comes with 36mm KYB upside down front forks, an aluminium swing arm and link-less monocross rear suspension. These main components combine to provide stability in the air and consistent lap times.

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    Effortless 6-speed transmission

    The 6-speed transmission features carefully chosen gear ratios that have been specially developed to enable the rider to achieve lower lap times by fully utilizing the performance of the 65cc engine. Yamaha engineers have also designed the clutch plates and springs to give a light and easy clutch lever character.

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    Confident cornering

    The 36mm KYB upside down front forks underline the fact that the YZ65 shares the same pure racing DNA that goes into our other YZ models. With their excellent rigidity, they give a planted front-end feel for confident cornering – and their long-travel tubes are built to soak up the bumpiest surfaces.

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    Smooth and stable riding

    YZ65 riders can be confident that along with the front forks, the monocross rear suspension is also designed to deliver a smooth and stable ride, and not to bottom out even on the harshest circuits. The lightweight aluminium swingarm enhances the suspension’s character and gives extra comfort, and features a link-less design that reduces routine maintenance requirements.

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    Adjust your YZ65 as you grow

    Young riders grow quickly – and so the YZ65 has been equipped with an aluminium crown featuring four different handlebar positions - giving a total of 27mm forward/backward options to suit your size and riding style. Like our bigger YZ models, tapered handlebars come as standard, and give an ideal balance of shock-absorbing flex and immense strength.

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    Total control in your hands

    The right body position is vital if you want to maintain full control of your YZ65 and win races, and the seat is designed to enable you to shift your weight forwards and backwards to suit changing conditions. The body panels are also designed to give free movement, allowing you to move easily around the bike for a race-winning ride!

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    Pure YZ race-bred DNA

    Featuring dynamic MXGP-bred styling and blue YZ-style rims, this is the ultimate entry-level YZ racer, and if you're serious about winning then you need to make sure you're racing with the YZ65. With its high-tech liquid cooled engine, lightweight chassis and sophisticated suspension systems, this motocross bike has been developed using pure race-bred DNA.

  • Двигатель
    Тип двигателя
    Liquid-cooled, Single cylinder, Reed valve with YPVS, 2-stroke
    Рабочий объем
    Диаметр цилиндра х ход поршня
    43,5 x 43,6 mm
    Степень сжатия
    8,1-9,6 : 1
    Система смазки
    Тип сцепления
    Wet, Multiple Disc
    Система зажигания
    Система запуска
    Constant Mesh, 6-speed
    Главная передача
    Система подачи топлива
    Keihin PWK28/1
  • Шасси
    Semi double cradle
    26° 25
    64 mm
    Система передней подвески
    Telescopic fork
    Система задней подвески
    Ход передней подвески
    215 mm
    Ход задней подвески
    270 mm
    Передний тормоз
    Hydraulic single disc, Ø198 mm
    Задний тормоз
    Hydraulic single disc, Ø190 mm
    Передняя шина
    60/100-14 30M Tube type
    Задняя шина
    80/100-12 41M Tube type
  • Габариты
    Общая длина
    1.615 mm
    Общая ширина
    760 mm
    Общая высота
    1.000 mm
    Высота сиденья
    755 mm
    Колесная база
    1.140 mm
    Минимальный дорожный просвет
    265 mm
    Снаряженная масса (включая полную заправку маслом и топливом)
    61 kg
    Емкость топливного бака
    3,5 L
    Объем масляного бака
    0,5 L