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Before going to an MT Tour event to try one of our MT models, check out all the available MT models!

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Yamaha is bringing the 2019 MT Tour to you, so get ready to get inside the MT world. Expose your nerves to the ultimate urban riding experience and Discover your Dark Side. Try out the MT range and write your own urban legend.

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MT Tour


Our MT partners for 2019

We are happy to announce that we’ve welcomed a selection of partners for the 2019 MT Tour that will enhance the Dark Side of Japan experience more than ever before. These partners work closely with us to ensure you have the most intense experience during the MT Tour events. Get to know them better below!

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MT Tour partners

Previous years editions

Discover the previous years edition of the MT Tour from 2016 to 2018 across Europe.

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Before you hit the road with one of Yamaha's 2019 MT models, don't forget to switch on the Yamaha MyRide app. See your riding stats, remember where you went and explore where to go.

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