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Buster S1

Simple summer fun

The Buster S1 is CE certified for four persons. It can also be converted to an impeccable fishing boat thanks to a complete fishing package designed just for the Buster S models.

The Buster S1, with a side console, gives room for more passengers and their belongings. Stowage is available beneath the aft seat. The excellent seagoing abilities provided by the Buster S1, gives you an additional sense of safety if the weather deteriorates.

Короткий огляд

  • Agile and easy to handle
  • Can be equipped with a fishing package
  • Equipped with a steering console
  • A safe all-round cottage boat
  • Spacious
  • Stylish design that stands out
  • Carries 4 people with luggage
  • Не тоне

Buster S1

Our design has always been guided by uncompromising goals regarding ruggedness, everyday practicality and seaworthiness. These values, combined with generations of industrial, hand crafted traditions have created a quality level that already carries a legacy of its own: Buster.

Buster S1
Швидкий огляд 360°

    461 384 грн.

    Докладна інформація про ціни

    Buster S1 Aluminium

    461 384 грн.

    Актуальний курс євро: 1 євро - 38,5 грн. Ціна оновлена 22.07.2022

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