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Drive² AC Li

Your golfers experience just got an upgrade.

An extensive range, fast charging capabilities, battery longevity and reduced maintenance make the new Drive² AC Li golf car the ideal choice for demanding, hilly courses where speed, stability and staying power are a must for on-course confidence.

This model pairs a super spacious, comfortable and luxury finished interior, with silky smooth acceleration and relaxingly quiet performance. Not only is this great for golfers, it also guarantees ultimate efficiency for course owners, thanks to its low maintenance needs and zero-emissions factor.

Короткий огляд

  • Yamaha developed Lithium-Ion battery
  • Long-lasting, fast-charging, light battery for speed
  • Battery is maintenance free up to 8 years (5 years warranty)
  • Front suspension fully optimized for lightweight battery
  • Найкращій в своєму класі електричний двигун змінного струму потужністю 3,3 кВт
  • Обтічний корпус і стильні кольори
  • Простора приладова панель в автомобільному стилі з додатковим місцем для зберігання
  • Модульний корпус із найкращими у своєму класі сидіннями та достатнім простором
  • Практично безшумний хід з нульовими викидами
  • Сучасне регенеративне гальмування
  • Light and strong automotive ladder style chassis design
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Drive² AC Li

We put the needs of golfers and course owners at the heart of every Yamaha product - and the new Drive² AC Li is no exception. Building on the success of the Drive² AC AGM, this model has a lithium-Ion battery which, thanks to its 25% lighter weight (only 331kg), allows for higher speeds and reduces wear on turf, tyres and brakes.

Drive² AC Li Drive² AC Li Drive² AC Li Drive² AC Li Drive² AC Li Drive² AC Li Drive² AC Li Drive² AC Li Drive² AC Li
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