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Yamaha Motor UK are not responsible for the content written in Nick Sanders blogs.

Week 1
Lining up to board the train shuttle at Folkstone feels such a long way from destinations end. It is a source of real mystery that you can ride a motorcycle overland from say a Starbucks or Burger King here in Kent, across Europe and Turkey and then Iran, then across all these odd sounding countries that end with a blokes name called 'Stan' until you get to the Gobi Desert.
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Week 2
Early start to the day after breakfast in the hotel adjacent to our camping ground. No casualties these past two days, no incidents of any kind except that the police have stopped all the riders at the edge of the industrial town of Ergani on route to Van. I've texted one the riders, Major Oliphant to see if they need my assistance as I rode past without being stopped.
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Week 3
After buying an armful of bread, jam and cartons of fruit juices for breakfast we left our community accommodation and wound around a couple of roundabouts painted in white and sky blue. The sun was already mid way up and the wind across the plain was from the west and blowing so strongly we were all riding on the left edge of our tyres. A weather front lay to the east, rolling down the mountains covering us with specs of rain.
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Week 4
Some days start well and die and others never really ignite. Today exploded with sorts of intense moments. First the agreed passage across the two border controls south of Tashkent failed to be operational. Gagarin whilst written up as a going concern did not look as if it had been open for years. Grass was growing through cracks in the concrete blocks.
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Week 5
Left at 6am, road winds crossing streams & scant isolated fauna. Rob punctures and stays with Gavin while the rest ride to 52 miles from Onguday where a large house on the left sells lamb stew minus the lamb. The creamed Nescafé would ordinarily be average but 6000 kms from Moscow in the wilds of South Siberia it was better than a cappuccino on the Kings Road watching the girls go by.
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