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2017 YCOP LogoHow often have you wondered why cars are protected from theft or unauthorised use by clever electronics, when outboard engines never are?

Well, as you might expect, the first manufacturer to recognise and act on that widespread thought is Yamaha, with the introduction of its innovative new Y-COP (Yamaha Customer Outboard Protection) system. And all new fuel injection, four-stroke outboard models from 30hp to 350hp will feature Y-COP as an optional accessory. This simple, easy to use and effective system – with its neat remote control - locks and unlocks the engine at the push of a button. Just like your car in fact! It’s another industry first for Yamaha – and more proof that when it comes to turning customer needs into practical action, Yamaha has no equal.

So desirable are the small craft which have this size of Yamaha outboard engine fitted that for sure,their Y-COP systems will be a real comfort to their proud owners. Why? Because these are the type of craft that are normally stored on a trailer or left on the deck of their mother ship and are very tempting as a target for thieves.

YCOP - Remote Control
Simple to operate. The Y-COP system utilises a simple remote handheld transmitter to immobilise the engine and therefore also the boat when these engines are bolted to the transom. The signal from the transmitter is picked up by a receiver fitted into the boat which is plugged into the LAN (Local Area Network) hub. The signal is then passed to the engine ECM (Engine Control Module – as fitted to all EFI engines) via the standard LAN wiring system.

The engine ECM recognises the signal from the transmitter and unlocks the system to allow the engine to run – just like on your car immobiliser!

All these engines use the standard NMEA 2000 protocol and the engine information feed can be interfaced with other electronic accessories like chartplotters to monitor engine functions and fuel management. The Y-COP system simply integrates into this simple and easy to install system.

Anti-Tamper as standard. The Y-COP receiver and wiring is designed to be easy to install – just plug in, follow the set-up procedure and go! However Y-COP is also clever enough to recognise if someone is tampering with the system and even if it is disconnected or destroyed it will lock the engine into a low rpm mode – enough to get you home but useless to thieves.

Yamaha Genuine Accessories. Using one of Yamaha’s outboard marine security accessories like Smartlock or Nutlock, to lock your outboard to the boat’s transom will add an even higher level of security.

Y-COP is an optional accessory on the following Yamaha outboard models (all shaft lengths):
F350, F300, F250, F225, F150, F115, F100, F80, F70, F60, FT60, F50, FT50, F40, F30 all variants.