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YZF450R - Yamaha's number one Sport ATV gets even sharper

YZF450R - Yamaha's number one Sport ATV gets even sharper

Yamaha's number one Sport ATV gets even sharper

The Yamaha YFZ450R is a sharply focused Sport ATV that has been dominating the competition scene for the last decade. Powered by a hardcore race-bred 5-valve 450cc engine and running a lightweight high-tech chassis with a wide track, the YFZ450R is the ultimate Sport ATV.

New features include stronger high-speed power as well as a new slipper clutch and uprated suspension, to give the model an even more race-winning engine and chassis performance to keep the YFZ450R way out front.

Lighter handling, stronger power and enhanced control
With its outstanding engine and chassis performance, combined with a high overall specification and aggressively styled bodywork, the Yamaha YFZ450R is firmly established as the leading choice for competitive racers and hardcore sport riders.

This full-on Sport ATV receives a range of suspension, engine and transmission upgrades which deliver more agile handling, even harder-hitting power and increased corner-entry performance.

New Assist and Slipper clutch for increased control
The 2014 YFZ450R is equipped with an Assist and Slipper clutch - the first time that this design has been used on a Sport ATV. The main benefit of this type of clutch is that it partially disengages when decelerating sharply and downshifting rapidly for corners, allowing the rider to control corner entry speed more precisely by using only the brakes. By virtually eliminating the high levels of engine braking associated with a high-compression 4-stroke engine, the Assist and Slipper clutch enables the rider to turn in to the corner at the desired speed and on the chosen line. The advantages of this system are greatest in very tight turns which require the rider to down shift by two or more gears, which can often cause rapid engine braking and may lead to rear wheel lock up.

Another benefit of the Assist and Slipper clutch is the fact that it requires less physical effort to operate when compared to conventional clutches, and so whether it's racing lap after lap on a dirt track or being used for some intensive trail riding, this new feature can substantially reduce rider fatigue.

Quick throttle response with improved power feel
The YFZ450R is already recognized as being one of the quickest and most competitive ATVs in its class, and for 2014 a range of modifications to the engine improve the overall high rpm power feel, and deliver an even quicker and sharper throttle response.

The list of engine upgrades includes an increase in the compression ratio from 11.4 to 11.8:1, as well as revised cam timing and optimized butterfly valve angle of opening. Furthermore the fuel injection mapping is changed for 2014 to give a 10% improvement in economy*, and a new muffler with a round cross section is fitted.
* EPA/CARB (LA-4 Mode) emissions standards

New Air Induction System for enhanced environmental performance
The latest YFZ450R adopts a compact and lightweight Air Induction System which takes fresh air from the airbox and feeds it directly into the exhaust port. This introduction of oxygen into the hot exhaust gases helps to re-burn any un-combusted hydrocarbons for enhanced environmental performance.

Uprated front and rear suspension systems
For 2014 the YFZ450R is equipped with new shock absorbers at the front and rear. These new high-specification shock absorbers offer an improved cushioning effect during the initial stages of compression to give a more comfortable ride, together with improved terrain following capabilities. An added advantage of the new lighter shock absorber design is that they reduce unsprung weight, which gives lighter handling and improved rider comfort.

Dynamic new bodywork for greater rider mobility
To underline its position as the leading 450-class Sport ATV, the latest YFZ450R features dynamic and aggressive new bodywork. As well as looking good, the head-turning bodywork offers improved rider mobility in key areas. New front fenders feature a concave design in the knee area with 30mm extra free space, allowing the rider to move around more freely for extra lean in extreme cornering manoeuvres. The rear fenders have also been redesigned with an extra 30mm of space around the heel area to give more freedom when shifting bodyweight in the standing position. Our designers have also shaved 10mm off the front panel to give a clearer view of the approaching corner.

New-pattern radial tyres
To maximize the potential performance gains of the suspension and engine improvements, the 2014 model runs on newly-designed radial tyres. The front tyres feature a new pattern aimed at delivering an improved response to the rider's steering inputs, while the revised tread layout of the new rear tyres is designed to improve longitudinal traction while also retaining the excellent slide characteristics of the existing model.

* Cutting-edge Sport ATV
* High performance 5-valve 4-stroke 450cc engine
* Sharp and agile handling performance
* Light-alloy hybrid frame
* New Assist and Slipper clutch for added controllability
* Major engine upgrades for stronger high-speed power
* Uprated suspension with reduced unsprung weight
* New front fenders and redesigned flaps for greater mobility
* New Air Induction System gives greater environmental performance
* New-pattern front and rear radial tyres

The YFZ450R will available in:
Racing Blue

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