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The Grizzly 450 Proven in the Worlds Toughest Enviroment


Pro-User-YFM450-Features-Main-001The Grizzly 450 has proven itself in active front line service in the harshest of conditions. Desert sands and rough terrain can cause problems for all but the toughest of machines and the Grizzly 450 has literally become a life saver for front line troops. Able to carry large loads the 450 seems to be able to cope with everything that the army asks of it. A minimum of modification sees army lighting systems fitted along with winches and other accessories including trailers to further increase the capabilities of this ATV. Soldiers are trained in ATV riding skills in the UK and use the Grizzly for a multitude of different tasks.

Even supreme ability has no value if it cannot be easily deployed, so practicality is the catalyst that makes Yamaha ATVs so uniquely and effortlessly capable.

To perform the hardest work in the toughest environments, there are no ATVs better qualified or better engineered than Yamaha Utility ATVs. They are tireless workhorses. But that's not all they are. When time permits, Yamaha Utility ATVs can have fun too.

Purpose designed single cylinder engine

The water cooled, single cylinder powerplant of the Grizzly is designed specifically for this ATV being compact, light and robust with excellent performance..

On-Command drive offers true 4WD

Push button selection for 2WD and 4WD and Front Diff Lock provides true 4WD when required. The front Diff Lock system features a rev limiter and Override button for extreme conditions.

Dual Ratio drive options.

Manual selection for Forward Hi or Low ratios plus Reverse. The Park position locks the wheels mechanically and the gear lever is activated via a rod for added durability and control.

Ultramatic CVT-type drive

The engine delivers its power via Yamaha's Ultramatic CVT system. This variable ratio system means that once a gear is selected no further changes are required from 0mph to full speed. A sprag clutch system ensures full, all wheel downhill engine braking when in 4WD.

Quality and durability come as standard

Like all Yamaha products the quality and durability are legendary and the 450's reliability has been proven in extreme conditions.

User friendly features

With an "air assisted" seat, easy to reach controls and carrying racks front and rear with the highest load capacities in the class the Grizzly 450 is a proven favourite with riders. Optional EPS adds etxra convenience.

Fully Equipped

Every detail has been thought through. With a 12V output and watertight container, digital instruments and underseat storage.


Grizzly 450 IRS with Independent Rear Suspension and Grizzly 450 EPS with Electric Power Steering and IRS. Accessories include front winch, Heavy Duty Tow Ball, overfenders, rack extensions.