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Emergency Response FJR1300A


Pro-User-Features-001The FJR combines true performance with comfort and reliability. Emergency response riders appreciate the low centre-of-gravity and compact, narrow dimensions of the FJR which enable it to cut through the traffic with ease. The handling and riding position reduce rider fatigue - important for long days in the saddle while the smooth 4-cylinder design of the engine combined with the proven shaft drive ensure that vibration is kept to a minimum. The electrically adjustable windscreen and three position bodywork can be set to minimise wind turbulence even for taller riders which together contribute to a more comfortable ride.

Pro-User-FJR-Features-001Adjustable screen

Recognising that one size does not fit all, the FJR features a screen which is adjustable at the touch of a button and a seat that is adjustable for real rider comfort. The handlebar heated grips are standard. And the fairing allows for seasonal variations in temperature to ensure the rider is cool and composed even when the pace is hot!

Pro-User-FJR-Features-002Power throughout the range

The well tried and tested liquid-cooled, DOHC, 4-cylinder engine delivers power throughout the range, ensuring it is there exactly when needed. It will also easily keep the required electrical power generated for warning equipment even when stationary, without overheating, or the need for an additional weighty extra battery.

Pro-User-FJR-Features-003Aluminium frame

The solid cast aluminium frame gives the bike a solid purposeful structure that will not flex even under the extreme demands of heavy braking or acceleration. It keeps the machine in perfect line when cornering, inspiring confidence in the rider who can then concentrate on the task in hand without worrying about instability issues.

Pro-User-FJR-Features-004Standard ABS

Rider safety is key and the solid cast wheels are shod with the latest in tyre technology and carry the three discs which form part of the semi-linked braking system. ABS is standard and ensures the rider is always in control no matter what the weather or workload throws up.

Pro-User-FJR-Features-005Yamaha's super smooth shaft drive

A neat, uncluttered maintenance free shaft drive not only reduces servicing costs, but gives the rider confidence that full power is always available at the rear wheel. Thanks to Yamaha’s extensive shaft drive experience; there are no adverse machine responses or handling issues with this system.

Pro-User-FJR-Features-006Well balanced

All the components combine to ensure the bike is as well balanced at walking pace as it is at high speed. It ensures the rider will be just as fresh at the end of a tour of duty as they are at the start having been protected by a very efficient fairing marked to give a highly visible and safe presence.

Pro-User-FJR-Features-007Front lighting

Front blue M4 lights, mounted each side of fairing in front of the handle bars, at rear view mirror height, with alternating flash pattern. Plus two LED Aero lights fitted level with the headlights which provide high impact warning lighting to the front and side of the motorcycle.

Pro-User-FJR-Features-008Control system

A compact user friendly switch panel with 999/ARRIVAL selection. Automatic headlight flash inhibit for low light conditions. The switch panel is programmable with the siren armed on 999 or independently. Siren activation is through the horn button, reverting to a standard motorcycle horn when the siren is disarmed.