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The 25N Offers the Lowest Weight in Class


A proven favourite with Emergency Services and professional rescue and patrol organisations, including the Fire service and RNLI, the compact 25NMHOL is perfect for small craft applications. Its exceptionally light weight makes the 25N easy to transport when off the boat. Very easy to use in operation this compact powerhouse delivers the instant throttle response required in emergency situations. Strong mid-range and top end power allows the 25N to punch above its weight when boat loads are high and its low maintenance, simple, twin cylinder design make routine checks of the engine very straight forward.

Proven 2-stroke design

The reed valve engine features a Loop Charging system for outstanding economy and performance.

Maintenance free CDI ensures reliability and sure starting.

The emphasis is on reliability and quality so that operators can trust in their 25N whatever the conditions.

Convenience and ease of operation.

Built in steering friction damper, front gear shift and start in-gear prevention make the 25N an operators best friend.

Ideally suited to rescue situations

The shallow water drive system means you can get in really close with this engine while the high power alternator keeps the boats electrical systems charged even if you are running search lights or rescue equipment.

Quality and durability come as standard

Yamaha has its own special marine grade aluminium called YDC-30 which minimises the corrosive effects of salt water. Combined with a 5-stage coating exterior finish and self-sacrificing anodes the 25N is built to last.

No worries oil injection

Yamaha has a rich history of 2-stroke engineering and our oil injection system means the engine receives the precise amount of 2T oil it requires without the fuss of pre mixing fuel

Fully Equipped

The 25N comes complete with aluminium propeller, lanyard and 25 litre remote fuel tank with fuel pipe and primer bulb.


Long Shaft fits 21.5 inch transom. Manual start and manual tilt. PRO accessories include central grab/tilt handle, carry handles, hood cover and a selection of ally and stainless steel propellers